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Sync Vim online with Vundle and Version control


Vim is an amazing editor and I have been using it for almost 5 years now. I am so used to vim that when I open a file in any other editor I type something and hit :w to save. ( Vim users know what I am talking about ;-) ). Over the years every one have their own settings, vim scripts (Plugins), themes etc. And every now and then you find some interesting setting which you want to add to your config (vimrc) or some new plugin for css3. Taking all your settings along with you is a pain if you didn’t sync them some where. I work in different hosts for different projects and keeping Vim in sync across is not easy. This is where Vundle and your favorite version control come into picture.  The solution is simple and straight forward.You sync it somewhere using version control and get it to your working environment where you want to sync.

I use Git to sync it online. You are free to use any version control. Now what does Vundle do? Well Git keeps your  Vimrc and other stuff like themes etc in sync and Vundle manages your plugins. Vundle is a package manager for vim, and these days almost all plugins are hosted at Git. So Vundle makes them easy to install,update or remove. All you need to do is add Bundle 'mattn/emmet-vim' to install emmet plugin into your vim. Continue reading

Hello World
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Hello World Gives Luck

Welcome to Srinivas Yedhuri’s Blog. This is my first post. And I believe Hello World gives luck. Whenever I start anything on my computer I start with a Hello World. So here it is….My Hello World for my blog…

I solve problems day in and day out. I search the web, understand it, try something, fix it and BOOOM…. Gone to the memory vault. Next time if I or some one else comes across the same problem, If it’s a recent problem or an interesting one, which troubled me for many days its easy to get it out of the vault. Most of the time that’s not the case and it gets hard to remember the fix until I get to a point. So there started the idea of A Note To Myself. This way every time I come across something or I feel like sharing something with the world I will write a note to myself. Problem solved and My Blog Kick starts….

Keep looking at this space  for exciting articles about technology, movies, and every thing else.Let The Posts Begin…..


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